For Erik as Mo in Rorschach Theatre’s Sing To Me Now

Jenny McConnell Frederick guides her actors to a mix of godlike swagger and human insecurity […] with Erik Harrison’s Mo coming across as a fragile romantic figure.  Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

Callie’s workload is so overwhelming due to the fact that, owing to a set of circumstances that I will not spoil for you, she is the only one of the muses left to provide inspiration to the ungrateful humans below. Her best friend, Mo (short for Morpheus, and played with both snark and awkward vulnerability by Erik Harrison), the god of dreams, keeps her company and tries to convince her to sleep. But when she sleeps, she dreams of her sisters, and that’s something she’s definitely trying to avoid. John Bavoso, DC Theatre Scene

For Erik’s run as Stan Lee in Off The Quill’s King Kirby

Erik Harrison steals his scenes as Lee, written as a cartoon of a man. Cassidy writes in his director’s notes that the play is from Kirby’s perspective, so Lee’s villainy may be played up just a little, but Harrison fully inhabits this shameless caricature, who will be familiar to anyone who has seen Lee in his ubiquitous media appearances. Peter Orvetti, Maryland Theatre Guide

Much has been written about Kirby’s creative differences with Stan Lee (the astoundingly good Erik Harrison). Did Kirby really create The Fantastic Four and not Lee? Did Kirby create the characters Galactus and the Silver Surfer? Disputes over who created what resulted in a legal battle that only ended in 2014. Lee was more Paul McCartney to Kirby’s imaginative John Lennon. Harrison made me believe I was watching a younger, arrogant Stan Lee, complete with his impeccable accent and habit of munching on peanuts from a small paper bag. As an audience member, I was the proverbial fly on the wall watching comic history being made… or perhaps a Mad Men-style TV show about the comic book business. William Powell, DC Metro Theater Arts

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