I get a kick out of writing to requirements. The below pieces cover multiple mediums and genres, but all were written with either a technical limitation (a play with no blocking, a film with no set), or a narrative one (use preexisting IP, write a G-rated horror story).

Despite that, they feel like the sort of pieces I’d write for myself, making the dark things funny, and taking the funny things seriously.

The Next to the Last Temptation

Charlie’s annual doctor’s visit will cost him more than he imagined.

Short radio drama. Written for Halloween and broadcast on WOWD-LP Takoma Park. CW: Discussions of terminal illness, some disturbing violence

How To Survive

Thank you all for coming to my TED talk, which I’ll be crowdfunding into a self help book, ‘Better Living Through Not Dying.'”

Monologue. Written for less is more, an anthology of hyper-minimalist plays. Rights available.

Erik and Lily and the Existential Terror

“You mean I have as much chance of getting into Heaven as a serial killer?”

“I mean, I think you have less?”

Short film. Produced in an active waiting room as part of an ongoing project to make art under found circumstances with limited tools.

Granola Park Radio: Sponsored Content

“But when a journalism accident leaves her with amnesia, she’ll learn the true meaning of Christmas.”

Audio sitcom. Granola Park Radio, a comedy serial about a dysfunctional radio station, has aired over 100 episodes, of which I have written 20.

How To Make Your Own Fringe Show

“Artists are cowardly, lazy people, and if we knew what it actually took to make our art before we started, we would never begin.”

Newspaper article. A behind-the-scenes look at Capital Fringe, DC’s largest theater festival, and a preview of the buzzy sex comedy I was producing there, written for Washington City Paper.